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Merit plumbing CEO/OWNER

JJ Donaldson is the CEO/Owner of Merit Plumbing in Sarasota, FL.

JJ came to Florida from Toronto Ontario Canada in 2004.  He came here with a Canadian company on a project for Sarasota County relining municipal sewer systems. The company set up a division in Florida shortly after. JJ was a key member of Florida operations and remained in that roll until 2012.

After having kids, JJ decided that having a job that frequently required travel and being away from home for extended periods of time was no longer desirable. He left work with the lining company and began work for a residential service plumber in Sarasota.  Shortly after starting with his new employer he enrolled in and completed a four year plumbing apprenticeship. Immediately upon completing his apprenticeship he began studying for and acquired his master plumber license.

In 2021 he founded Merit Plumbing with the goal of providing outstanding and convenient service to customers as well as elevating the image of the plumbing profession.  Having seen various companies struggling to adapt to the various changes occurring within the profession JJ hopes to move the industry forward and be an early adopter of new technologies and ways of conducting business as well training future generations of plumbers.

JJ Donaldson Merit Plumbing Sarasota

Merit Plumbing Gives Back

Merit Plumbing takes great pride in actively supporting the Sarasota community and participating in initiatives that extend our commitment to water-related causes. Locally, we engage in community outreach programs, sponsor events, and contribute to charitable endeavors that promote water conservation and access. Additionally, our dedication reaches beyond Sarasota to the Navajo Water Project, where we actively contribute to initiatives addressing water challenges in Navajo Nation.

By supporting projects like these, we strive to make a meaningful impact on water issues, fostering positive change both locally and on a broader scale. At Merit Plumbing, our commitment to water goes beyond our professional services, reflecting our belief in the importance of water accessibility and quality for communities everywhere.

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