Using FloodStop for Water Heaters to Prevent Home Water Damage

If you are looking for a way to prevent water damage to your home when your water heater leaks, the Flood Stop is a great product to protect your home. 

The Flood Stop can be installed on any water heater to prevent water damage to your home.  

The Flood Stop is installed on the incoming water line to your water heater.  A sensor is placed at the bottom of the water heater or in the pan.  The control unit is mounted to the wall.  When the water heater leaks as soon as water comes into contact with the sensor the flood stop automatically turns off the incoming water to the home as well as sounds an audible alarm similar to a smoke detector.  

I can remember going to one service call where the water heater was located inside of a closet in a condo.  The water heater leaked at night while the customer was asleep.  When she woke up in the morning the entire condo had 1” of water throughout.  Had she had a flood stop it would have stopped the water as well as sounded the alarm which would have awakened her and alerted her to an issue.  When we replaced the water heater she had us install a Flood Stop with the new water heater.