How to Raise the Temperature Above 120° on Noritz Tankless Water Heater

I sometimes get asked, “How can I make the water hotter?’ Water heaters come with a factory temperature limit preset for safety reasons. This is very useful in homes with children or the elderly to prevent accidental scalding from extremely hot water.

If you still want access to water at a higher temperature, it is possible to override the preset. But. please be careful and do this at your own risk.

In the video, I will walk you through the steps to raise the maximum water temperature on a Nordic tankless water heater.

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Video Transcript: [00:00:01.150] – JJ Donaldson, owner of Merit Plumbing in Sarasota, Florida

Good day, everyone. This is JJ with Merit Plumbing in Sarasota, Florida. I have a customer here with a tankless water heater, and they want to adjust the temperature up higher. Now, preset from the factory, it won’t let you go above 120 deg for safety. It says right down here.


To let you know, when you start going over 125 degrees, you do increase the risk of scalding, so just be aware of that. How would I recommend you do it? If you want to go higher, just go up in five-degree increments.


You can see you can go down and up by five degrees, but not past 120. So to get it unlocked, you simply turn off the power button, hold the flow meter alarm button until the temperature starts to flash, and then you can set it where you want. Press the power button again. It will show you your original temperature that you were at. But now you can increase the temperature.


That’s it.