What to Expect During Our Outdoor Water Line Installation

[Video – 1 minute] Customers are often concerned that a new installation will create a mess in their yard or landscaping. At Merit Plumbing, we take pride in not only our work but also in your home and property. We strive to leave your yard looking as good after we are done as it did before we began work. Whenever trenches need to be dug, we plan how we will protect your grass and plant beds, so they are not left unsightly or create more work or expense for you. I created this short video to show you what you can expect if you hire us to add a new outdoor waterline and faucet.

At Merit Plumbing, we go the extra mile regarding customer service. The goal is 100% customer satisfaction from first contact to completion. We believe that clear communication and the platinum rule (treat others as they want to be treated) result in a great experience. If you are needing any repairs, installations or plumbing maintenance in Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, or Parrish areas, we would be happy to help.

Video Transcript:

[00:00:01.140] – JJ Donaldson, owner of Merit Plumbing in Sarasota, Florida

Good day, everyone. This is JJ with Merit Plumbing. Just wanted to show you a quick project we were working on today. A customer who has a new home, and they wanted a hose faucet on the back of the lanai, so I kind of want to show you how we run a new waterline down into the ground.


Just wanted to quickly show you whether we’re working inside of your home or outside of your home, we’re going to do everything we can to protect your property and keep things as nice and neat as we can. So what we did here was there was mulch all on the side of the home. So we rake the mulch back, cover the mulch with plastic and then put our dirt beside the ditch. So this way, when we get all done and we backfill everything, all the mulch, will go back into place and they won’t have to remulch, and the grass will be nice and clean. We ran a water line down beside the home in the ground.


Then we came up the wall and above their screen so we wouldn’t damage the screen.


Then came down inside the lanai. So now she has a nice hose faucet in the lanai for cleaning off the lanai. We strapped all our pipe nice and level and plumb, so everything looks nice. So just want to give you a quick idea of what you can expect when you hire us to come out for your next project. Thanks.