Halo 5 Water Filtration System Installation in Sarasota, FL

Merit Plumbing is your trusted Sarasota Area partner and Halo Certified Installer for professional Halo Products, including the Halo 5 whole house water Filtration and Conditioning System. 

With over 20 years of expertise, we take pride in providing an unbiased consultation on water treatment solutions to ensure you find the right solution to keep your home’s water clean, pure, and safe.

Should you decide the Halo 5 is right for you, Merit Plumbing will do a professional and expert installation for your Sarasota area home. 

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Halo 5 Water Treatment System Overview


Discover the unparalleled quality of the Halo 5 whole house water treatment system. Engineered for excellence, this system combines advanced technology with reliability to provide your household with clean and refreshing water. Say goodbye to impurities and welcome a new era of water quality.

HALO 5 Whole House Water Treatment Solution uses Multi Reversing Magnetic Fields to Condition Water as well as 4 stages of filtration to deliver great tasting Chlorine Free water from every faucet, bath and shower throughout the house.

Halo Water Filtration System

Benefits of Halo 5 Water Treatment System:

Effectively addressing hard water issues without the need for chemicals, the HALO 5 system offers a range of benefits:

  • Scale Control: Manages hard water problems by dissolving existing scale and preventing the formation of new scale without relying on chemical additives.

  • Corrosion Inhibition: Inhibits corrosion in your water system, ensuring the longevity of your plumbing infrastructure and appliances.

  • Mineral Retention: While effectively removing contaminants, the system retains essential minerals crucial for human health and water taste.

  • Water Conservation: With no wasteful practices, the regenerated water from the HALO 5 system is excellent for nourishing plants and landscaping, contributing to environmental sustainability.

  • 10 year Warranty: Enjoy the assurance of a 10 year warranty, reflecting the system’s durability and reliability.

  • Maintenance-Free: Experience convenience with a system that requires no regular maintenance, saving you time and effort.

  • Scale Management without Chemicals: Effectively dissolves existing scale, prevents new scale formations, and inhibits corrosion—all achieved without the use of harsh chemicals.

  • Bottled Water Alternative: Eliminates the need for purchasing bottled water, encouraging your family to drink more water conveniently from any faucet. This contributes to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

  • Filtered and Conditioned Water: Provide peace of mind for you and your family, knowing that every drop of water flowing through your home has been meticulously filtered and conditioned by the finest whole house water treatment system available today.

Why Choose Merit Plumbing for Halo 5 Installation in Sarasota

Merit Plumbing is your trusted Certified Installer for HALO products in Sarasota.  With a proven track record of successful installations, our certified technicians bring precision and reliability to every project. We stand out for our years of experience, ensuring a seamless process from consultation to completion.  Choose Merit Plumbing for trusted, professional, and customer-focused service that goes beyond expectations.

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Our Customer Reviews

Clinton Weldon
Clinton Weldon
October 13, 2023
Called they came right away did a great job extremely well done will use again
Jacqueline Roller
Jacqueline Roller
October 6, 2023
Replaced valves and a drain pipe for an insurance demand. JJ was professional, cleaned up after repair, and sensitive to covering his shoes while in our home. It's not always easy to please the man of our house and he was very happy too! Highly recommend!
Peter Saunders
Peter Saunders
October 5, 2023
Professional service. Came on time. cleaned up and made things good again.
Jennifer Rouse - Carroll
Jennifer Rouse - Carroll
September 19, 2023
I contacted JJ Donaldson on Sunday and by end of Monday, he had gone in and jackhammered my flooring, found and replaced the leak and poured cement back in and evened out the flooring. I’m handling all of these issues from across the country, and JJ was immediacy responsive, reassuring and extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend Merit Plumbing to everyone I know!
Laura Lev
Laura Lev
September 19, 2023
Very professional and pleasant, very fair pricing and quick availability to do the extra work I need done. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a plumber
Claudia Winn
Claudia Winn
September 18, 2023
Tech was extremely courteous, helpful and professional.
Larry Edoff
Larry Edoff
September 18, 2023
Jeff did a great job, as always! Thank you!
Nancy Endara
Nancy Endara
September 8, 2023
JJ, the owner is beyond knowledgeable, over the top clean and careful. Truly white glove service.
Carla Nelson
Carla Nelson
September 5, 2023
Had to replace an old hot water heater. Cost was reasonable and JJ came and replaced it on the holiday. Then the pipes in the wall were old and soft, so it had to be cut back to where there was good pipe. JJ Stayed, and cheerfully completed everything that need to be done to make it safe and secure. I can't tell you how much I appreciated the work being completed, and that he stayed until it was done right.

Our SERVICE AREA FOR HALO 5 installation

Merit Plumbing is your premier choice for expert Halo 5 installations across a wide service area that encompasses Sarasota and Manatee Counties. Our dedicated team caters to key areas within these counties, ensuring residents benefit from top-notch water treatment solutions. Whether you reside in the heart of Sarasota or the coastal charm of Venice, Merit Plumbing is committed to providing precision Halo 5 installations that enhance water quality and contribute to the well-being of your home. Service area includes:

  • Sarasota
  • Siesta Key
  • Palmer Ranch
  • Sarasota Springs
  • St Armands
  • Lido Key
  • Venice
  • Nokomis
  • Osprey
  • North Port
  • Englewood

Merit PLUMBING is a Certified Technician for All Halo Products

Interested in a different HALO Product? Merit Plumbing is a certified installer and well versed in all of the HALO products. If you are considering which HALO Series Solution is best for your home, call today to schedule a consultation.  

Here is a video we did talking about the Halo H2Zero Water System, which can be a great alternative.

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