Leaky Faucet Repair

When a faucet starts to leak, your entire space is at risk. Faucets are an essential part of a quality home, providing a place to wash hands, food, and tools or utensils, depending on where your faucet is located. A leaking faucet typically means something is wrong with the seal between the faucet piece and the main water line. A faucet leak is not only messy and risks water damage but is also costly, as a leaky faucet creates a mini-flood with metered water that will be charged to the house.

At Merit Plumbing, we know how important and problematic a leaky faucet can be for your home. That is why we have put together this useful guide for leaky faucet repair services near Sarasota homes.

Kitchen Faucet Repair

Your kitchen faucet is the main source of water in the house. It is where you do your cooking, handwashing, and a great deal of cleaning. If this faucet starts to leak, your home is in a bad spot. Your cabinets are, in fact, the most at risk because many cabinets are made of particle board that falls apart when soaked.

Many homeowners might try a little emergency tape to get through the day. Still, you need professional faucet repair services from Merit Plumbing to ensure your kitchen sink is ready to support family life again ASAP.

Should it come to replacing your kitchen faucet, consider the upgrades you might want to include. Swan-necked pot-filler faucets, built-in hose faucets, and even voice-controlled touchless faucets are all great choices for a home kitchen upgrade – turning this disaster into an opportunity.

Leaky kitchen faucet repair
Leaky bathroom faucet

Leaky Bathroom Faucet & Shower Faucet Repair

If your bathroom faucet has a leak, you may need faucet repair. Faucet leaks in the bathroom are common in older homes, where this essential fixture hasn’t been replaced in quite some time – maybe decades. Over time, an old faucet seal will wear out or harden, and a leak will begin. It is just as likely that the handles around your bathroom faucet will form a leak.

Take advantage of the leaks in your bathroom by having a professional plumber from Merit Plumbing upgrade to new fixtures. If the faucet is new, we will know how to repair the seal and ensure your beautiful plumbing works without flooding the countertop.

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Merit Plumbing provides only the highest quality plumbing services. From faucet repairs to water heater installations, we do it all, and we promise you both the best fixtures and technicians for every job.

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We care about the health and safety of your family. Merit Plumbing provides a free water test with every single service. We know that rusty pipes, old water heaters, and the occasional tropical storm flood can all affect the water quality in your home, so we do everything we can to ensure your family is aware of when your water is safe to drink and what to do when it isn’t.

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Leaky bathroom faucet repair