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Water Softener & Filtration System

Think your water is clean? You may want to rethink that. Although the water may be treated, it can still pick up contaminants on its way to you, as well as the chemicals it was treated with originally. The end result can be bad taste, odor, and less effective laundry detergent cleaning power. 

Common Signs Your Water Softener Is Failing

How do you know if your water softener is not working or if you need water softener installation in Sarasota, FL? The best way to tell if a water softener is failing is when you see signs of hard water. Increased amounts of minerals in your water will begin to leave the negative signs of hard water everywhere in your home. The most obvious sign is the water that comes from the taps.

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Water Spots and Mineral Scale

Look for signs of water spots throughout your home. These are light chalky rings on your glasses and dishes when they come out of the washer or white calcium deposits on your faucets and sinks where water dries. Water spots are the same as mineral scales, spotted anywhere hard water pools and dries. The scale will be heavier or more visible in some places than others, but the signs will be everywhere.

Itchy Skin and Stiff Hair After Washing

Water softener installation in Sarasota, FL, also prevents hard water from affecting your showers. Hard water also has other negative effects, which will begin to resurface after your water softener stops removing unwanted minerals. You may notice that your skin feels itchy or dry after washing, and your hair may feel stiff or dull. These are the effects of mineral scales on hair and skin.

Soap Not Lathering Properly

You may also notice that soap stops lathering as effectively. The mineral scale interferes with lather, making washing less effective when hard water runs through your taps.

Stiff, Stale, or Sour Laundry

Lastly, hard water in your laundry can cause scale to build up in the fabric while preventing soap from lathering, which can cause laundry to come out stiff, stale, itchy, or even sour.

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Our Water Filtration Systems in Sarasota

Merit Plumbing offers whole-home and single-site water filtration and water softener installation in Sarasota, FL. Home water treatment can allow you to prevent hard water from building up in your pipes or target a specific faucet or tap to ensure that one endpoint is especially clean or free of scale.

Whole House Water Filtration and Conditioning for Sarasota

Although not chemically treated, well water can still have organic contaminants and residual chemicals from the soil. In the Sarasota area, the water from a well is usually heavy with calcium (hard water) and may smell strongly of sulfur. Even city water can be “hard,” leaving unsightly scale deposits on sinks and showers, building up in your pipes and water heater, and even leaving your skin and hair rough and dry.

Whole house water filtration systems work well for general multi-purpose purification. And are highly effective in removing chlorine, chloramines, odor, and VOCs to provide a chemical-free water supply across your entire home. A whole house water softener (conditioner) does not work as a filter but works to soften hard water. A whole-house softener is recommended for a scale-free environment. 

A softener combined with whole-house filtration provides clean and conditioned water throughout every faucet. 

Single Site Water Filtration

Every home has different water quality and filtration needs, and many water filtration products are available. Single-site filtration is installed under the counter to provide filtered water at that faucet instead of the whole house. 

There are different levels of filtration available for single-site installation. Reverse osmosis is considered the highest form of purification and is frequently installed at a single source but can be costly to install as a whole house system. However, it can be applied to a single site combined with a whole house system to give you the purest form of drinking water and still have filtered conditioned water throughout the house.

Having a source of pure water at the tap is not only convenient, but it also provides a healthier water source to use for cooking, cleaning, washing your face, and brushing your teeth. 

Filtered drinking water can replace bottled water, saving money, time, and fuel spent shopping, not to mention the plastic waste created by single-use bottles. If you’re interested in water filtration systems in Florida, contact Merit Plumbing. 

What to Expect from the Best Water Softener Repair Service in Sarasota

When you work with Merit Plumbing, you get Sarasota’s best water softener repair service. But what should you expect when you call? Merit Plumbing has extremely skilled technicians, all licensed and certified to provide the most informative answers and the highest quality installation and repair services.

When you call, we will conduct a thorough inspection of your current systems and a free water test, then offer a clear assessment of the situation and a transparent quote you can count on. Whether you need repair or replacement, we will ensure that your service is timely and performed with consideration for the needs and schedule of your household.

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Why should you call Merit Plumbing to handle your water softening and filtration needs? We work hard to ensure our service is the best in Sarasota.

Expert and Attentive Services

Merit Plumbing provides expert and attentive services. Not only can you count on the expertise of our technicians, but we also make the extra effort to truly listen to your needs and assess your home to ensure you get the best service every time.

Top Quality Plumbing Appliances and Parts

Merit Plumbing only works with top-quality plumbing parts and home appliances. From new pipe joints and sink trap parts to brand-new whole-home water softeners, you can count on our recommendations and the parts we bring for each service and installation.

Free Water Testing with Every Service

Lastly, Merit Plumbing cares about the safety and health of your family, which is why we perform a free water test with every plumbing service.

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