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Residential Well Pump Repairs and Upgrades in Sarasota

When you depend on your well for drinking, cleaning and bathing water, it is important that you keep it running efficiently day after day. Imagine you turn on your tap one day and you get a short burst of water and then a gurgling. No water!? 

Is it the well water pump, the pressure switch, the pressure tank, or a broken pipe? There are many reasons for a loss of water pressure. Pumps fail due to age, poor maintenance, high mineral content in the water, or even a power outage or power surge. Pressure switches can become corroded, worn, or even filled with insects. You may even experience leaks or cracks in the PVC pipes due to age.

Pressure tanks are a frequent issue. There needs to be the correct air to water ratio in the tank in order for it to signal the pump to switch on/off correctly and push the water through your pipes at the ideal pressure. Are you are experiencing low water pressure or pressure that decreases during use? Is your pump switching on and off rapidly(short cycling)? Does it take forever to fill the sink to wash dishes? Maybe you hear clanging or banging from your pipes when you turn the water off or flush the toilet. Are you seeing water dripping from your faucet handle when you turn it on? These are all red flags and the problem is only going to get worse. In some cases, it can even lead to water pump failure or leaking pipes and seals.

If you aren’t sure of the age or condition of your well equipment we can inspect and evaluate it. Some minor repairs or upgrades now could save you from having costly repairs or water outages in the future. 

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Merit Plumbing offers a range of solutions to your water well problem. We can:

  • Repair and replace well systems
  • Fix broken water pumps
  • Supply water treatment products
  • Install water treatment solutions
  • Handle all above-ground well issues
Well system with water treatment installed by Merit Plumbing

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